GLEEK is a greek online store, based in Athens/Greece, that brings to your doorstep a vast variety of beloved and coveted premium beauty brands. All your favorite luxury makeup and skincare products alongside with home fragrance, beauty devices and much more are just a click on Gleek away!

But is this all there is to it? No! We are a team of beauty buffs, who adore everything and anything that has to do with it. We won’t choose for you, but rest assured that all brands that make it into our shop are simply la creme de la creme. Our aim is to make you happy by providing the full range of make up and skincare available by each of our brands satisfy you by offering products that come only from the official brands making sure that they are fresh and of top quality. We do not resell testers, gifts or samples.

We perceive beauty as an holistic experience that has to do with touch, scent and the evoked feeling when using a product. In this context we want to expand your beauty experience. You will enjoy easy and comfortable shopping (from simple browsing all the way to check out) and then receive your cosmetics in a beautiful branded box, a gift to yourself! Part of the premium GLEEK experience is also our loyalty plan. With every purchase you gather points that you can then use (as a discount) in one of your next orders (for further information on the point system, please visit the «Loyalty Plan» section).

Aim for the stars is our moto and by getting useful feedback from our customers, we can get there faster! This means that we will be happy to hear from you either over the phone or by email. Please feel free to share with us your experience, your thoughts or any problem that might occur with your order or delivery.